The Impact Never Dulls

I just listened to Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach on the David Letterman Show as they performed in 1997, one of my all time favorite Costello recordings, GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH.

I stumbled upon the recording maybe around 2006, on a Costello compilation. It is a song that always brings buckets of emotions to me, tears, physical changes in my spirit and soul, as it plays and it has done so for me- for many years. The impact never dulls.

Costello is one of my all time favorites, and his singing this, for me, compares to an aria in an Opera. Here’s one:
Anna Netrebko, La Traviata Addio del passato

Back to GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH, it is for me, one of the most heart-wrenching pop songs, ever.

What I found out today is that is was from the film Grace of My Heart and it was up for an Oscar.

On the corner of Waverly Place or Things in Common

“You can thank your Lucky Stars…” I spoke and then stopped. Father Graeme finished – speaking in his slightly soft Irish accent, “That we’re not as smart as we’d like to think we are.” I gasped and smiled.

Here I was for the first time ever meeting with a clergyman from the church (for a music event my PR company is organizing) and we had something in common. Lyrics to a song.

What if before every meeting, big or small, 4 people or 400 people, in an office, school, convention center, tent, court, street or in the Senate– everyone recited the lyrics of the same song before all the discussions and negotiations began.

What lyric, from which song, would you suggest?

What if…

Traveling Days: New York to London to New York to Aventura to Atlanta and then home!

young girlSince September 20th I have been working, creating, socializing, helping family and exploring these three cities. It has been a packed 25 days and will write much more when I get home. London was a dream come true and the response to THE PASS has been so very positive, it is very rewarding. Here are links to reviews and to what people are saying.

My PR work is also soaring…we had a great book launch party in Atlanta, Georgia for Dr. Kela Henry,  NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, a project we have been working on for years and one very close to my heart. Helping teenage girls finding their way in these wild times! Click Here.

And my trip to Florida, in the middle of it all, was all about my 91 year old dad. He fell while I was in London…my heart is full.

A note I left my dad by his bed, as he lies in rehab struggling with more than his fractured tibia: “Dad I love you, you taught me to take chances.”

Daughter to Father…

more to follow…

Great Britain: The Sum of Our Parts

flag UKWith the up coming premiere of THE PASS in London at The Playground Theatre, and work at KMPR, my life is pretty full and time has become a bit precious. However today as I look back at my time in London and all the amazing people I have known and worked with over the years that are British, I realize the impact Britain has had on my life. Aside from it providing my first big success with  Lucky Stars, there have been so many talented and supportive people both while living in London and while living in West Hollywood and NYC that have helped me with my music career. They have also influenced me personally. They are  the sum of all my parts. You know who you are. Forever grateful.

Reigning it in: Staging a Production


As a musical performer I’ve been told I often use sweeping and dramatic gestures and move about a lot on stage. What I’m learning now is that being a singer with a band is a lot different than doing a one-woman show. As I rehearse my show THE PASS it’s been brought to my attention by my director, Gretchen Cryer, that I need to stand still–at least once in a while! During my rehearsal yesterday I was pacing around the stage, thinking and moving spontaneously as I would in life. But this can be distracting for an audience, even off-putting. I’ve been advised to block out all my moves so that when I speak and sing I will be standing in pre-arranged places–no more wandering around! I’m a free spirit who enjoys making each performance different; I even sing my songs with slight variations every time, to keep them fresh. It’s just the way I roll.

However, for THE PASS, the first run-through, which is September 28th, is an invitation-only performance and will be trying out a new style: one of stillness. I will perform my anecdotes and sing my songs according to a pattern that I’ll have pre-determined, as much as it is within my power to do so. Varying my act a bit, by tweaking the way I usually perform, will be a big challenge. But it will also keep me aware of both myself and the audience in a fresh and exciting new way.

I am thrilled (and nervous) to be preparing for my first showing of THE PASS and will be sure to let you know how it goes.

Larga Vida el Paso – Meet Marta Sanchez

After months of searching, I am happy to say I have found a great pianist Marta Sanchez to help me launch my show THE PASS. Marta is from Madrid, Spain and is currently living in Brooklyn.  She has an impressive background with degrees in both classical and jazz composition. Marta has toured the US, Europe, South and Central America and, among her many accomplishments, she was awarded MacDowell Fellowship in 2017.

I’m particularly engaged by the energy and commitment she brings to my songs. Rhythm has always been a big part of my composing and I have felt that through the years my recordings have not always reflected that ingredient. I like what she brings to the music!

You can check out Marta’s website at: 


Stand Up 4 Multicultural Food & Music & Ariana Grande Goodwill Ambassador

Image result for ethnic food multicultural foodsI was enjoying my toasted bagel with butter and Marmite this morning and another post came to  mind. I wait for inspiration to hit before I write a new post. I learned about Marmite while living in London. I discovered many things while living there aside from the lovely savory salty spread including Kate Bush, my very favorite female singer songwriter. My thoughts today are, as we struggle with interiors of the legal system in our own country and outside territories and our relationships with them, I choose to rejoice with the sharing of cultures.

Imagine your life without Sushi from Japan, Chinese Fried Rice and Dumplings, German Knockwurst hot dogs and beer, Ukrainian Babka, Mexican Tamale, not to mention Guacamole (personal favorite) or Greek Spanakopita, French Crepes and Brie Cheese and Russia’s Beef Stroganoff, Borscht…on and on and on…Multi cultural cuisines we all enjoy and maybe even take for granted, outside of the USA’s Fried Chicken, Hamburgers & Hot Dogs.

Image result for beef stroganoff recipe
After all we made our own versions of many foods first created beyond our shining sea & shores. You do it your way, we will do it ours. There have been no arrests or protests or violence around our making a new kind of hot dog. Not to my knowledge.
Image result for borscht

And the music from Yo-Yo Ma (French, Chinese American), Mikis Theodoraki with his song Margarita.

Image result for live aidRemember LIVE AID FEED THE WORLD-musicians from all over the world coming together to Feed the World.  That might never happen today.

Will the bombing in Manchester create new fear among musicians for touring or playing large arenas? Or will there be the stand up and do it attitude, the you can’t stop us mind set, like Ms Grande and her team decided to do with a concert immediately following the disaster. Bravo. A brave artist in deed.

Image result for ariana grande

Let our food, music, religious, love preferences be what they will. As long as we are not hurting anyone with our preferences.