Think about what makes you happy. One of my grandest and certainly most long-term moments of happiness, which is thankfully on-going, is sitting at the piano and creating songs. I sing, I explore, I scribble words, and it feels like my soul and my feet, meet. Grounded and yet soaring.

I am reading a book and today’s segment refers to an old American proverb: “If you can’t be grateful for all the things you don’t have and want, be grateful for all the things you don’t have and dont want.”

That just hit a chord for me. Wanted to share. Major C?

And talk about sharing, a new song arrived, ALL THIS TIME ALONE. In production and will be released forthwith.

Soar on…

My interview with SHIZ’KA

Denise Marsa / KeyMedia Public Relations / KeyMedia Group

I recently spoke with my client, rising virtuoso classical pianist SHIZ’KA about why she picked the pieces she did for her program and now live CD BRILLIANCE & FERVOR and what sets her playing apart from other young pianists playing these pieces by renowned composers. She picked four pieces to discuss.


1. Chopin Ballade no.4 Op.52 in F minor

“I have always loved Chopin’s work, however I had thought that I was not quite there yet to convey his poetic/musical beauty until I heard the featured pianist Walreck Spielman in the movie “The Pianist.” I listened to the music again the day before the performance/recording of my program “Brilliance & Fervor.” His tormented soul was right within his fingers and connected with his heart.  As a result, I connected with him. As I sat down to play this work, the day I recorded, I was emotionally charged and began thinking less, so my playing was even less intellectual. I am rarely one to play only “intellectually” and this performance took me to a deeper emotional connection with Chopin, because of my watching Spielman. I was suddenly ready and inspired to play Chopin. It was if he handed me the torch to carry on his interpretation, yet I was able to somehow find my own voice and still feel his existence.”

2. Rachmaninoff Moments Musicaux Op.16 No.3 in B minor

“Hearing a live performance of Vladimir Horowitz of this work made me realize how challenging it can be to bring this piece to truly come alive in the sentiment in which Rachmaninoff intended. There was only one goal for me which was not to perform this work unless I too in my own way could convey the sorrowful longing in this piece. I feel my potential on this piece was fully realized, I am quite pleased with this performance.”

3. Prokofiev Piano Sonata in D minor Op.14 (3) Andante

“The first time I played through this piece, I felt the music bleeding through the score. There was an ease in which the music naturally poured out of me, through my fingers. I felt every note and it became almost like watching a film that was about my own life. There was pain that I was finally letting go of from parts of my past. This performance was a triumph because I felt liberated.”

4. Prokofiev Piano Sonata in D minor Op.14 (4) Vivace

“I felt driven to play this movement, the composition itself, highlights my own style and character of my playing.  As the music progresses, there is a fury and a fiery element that had me using my precision and my intensity in a way I had not experienced, until this performance.”

For more about ShiZ’ka please visit SHIZKAPIANIST.COM

Larga Vida el Paso – Meet Marta Sanchez

After months of searching, I am happy to say I have found a great pianist Marta Sanchez to help me launch my show THE PASS. Marta is from Madrid, Spain and is currently living in Brooklyn.  She has an impressive background with degrees in both classical and jazz composition. Marta has toured the US, Europe, South and Central America and, among her many accomplishments, she was awarded MacDowell Fellowship in 2017.

I’m particularly engaged by the energy and commitment she brings to my songs. Rhythm has always been a big part of my composing and I have felt that through the years my recordings have not always reflected that ingredient. I like what she brings to the music!

You can check out Marta’s website at: www.martasanchezmusic.com