Stand Up 4 Multicultural Food & Music & Ariana Grande Goodwill Ambassador

Image result for ethnic food multicultural foodsI was enjoying my toasted bagel with butter and Marmite this morning and another post came to  mind. I wait for inspiration to hit before I write a new post. I learned about Marmite while living in London. I discovered many things while living there aside from the lovely savory salty spread including Kate Bush, my very favorite female singer songwriter. My thoughts today are, as we struggle with interiors of the legal system in our own country and outside territories and our relationships with them, I choose to rejoice with the sharing of cultures.

Imagine your life without Sushi from Japan, Chinese Fried Rice and Dumplings, German Knockwurst hot dogs and beer, Ukrainian Babka, Mexican Tamale, not to mention Guacamole (personal favorite) or Greek Spanakopita, French Crepes and Brie Cheese and Russia’s Beef Stroganoff, Borscht…on and on and on…Multi cultural cuisines we all enjoy and maybe even take for granted, outside of the USA’s Fried Chicken, Hamburgers & Hot Dogs.

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After all we made our own versions of many foods first created beyond our shining sea & shores. You do it your way, we will do it ours. There have been no arrests or protests or violence around our making a new kind of hot dog. Not to my knowledge.
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And the music from Yo-Yo Ma (French, Chinese American), Mikis Theodoraki with his song Margarita.

Image result for live aidRemember LIVE AID FEED THE WORLD-musicians from all over the world coming together to Feed the World.  That might never happen today.

Will the bombing in Manchester create new fear among musicians for touring or playing large arenas? Or will there be the stand up and do it attitude, the you can’t stop us mind set, like Ms Grande and her team decided to do with a concert immediately following the disaster. Bravo. A brave artist in deed.

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Let our food, music, religious, love preferences be what they will. As long as we are not hurting anyone with our preferences. 

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