Gender Confusion or Gender Fluidity

Gender specific labeling seems to be something young people are playing with or even not settling in with or committing to in the midst of all the non commitments we are seeing. Relationships, governments, incomes, cell phones, computers, software, safety – all changing moment to moment. Oh FAST TIMES AT EARTH HIGH.


Change is consistent and it seems to be creating a more obvious uncertainty for the future. Shall we crawl into a small space and hide or look and see what we can contribute? I read an article in the paper today, which prompted this post, about a teen girl in Long Island, NY who has changed her gender identity 3 times and wants to change again and the high school is now saying…no more. Can we be a fluid gender society?  Eventually when the teens of today inhabit the earth? Do we have to label ourselves anyway? Labels and branding is all around us…so brand yourself female or male or not. Or gender-less.

GH 2

There are many that love the gender they were born. How many of us question what would my life be like if I was born a…not often but have you asked yourself that question ever? It is a curious thing.

Here’s a tune I wrote in 2001. Seems relevant now. So I share…contributing to the thoughts around gender fluidity.

United 777, Mylene Farmer & Equality

I flew from NYC to San Francisco last week on a new plane, the United 777. Wow.


The first officer announced it was the 2nd week the plane had been in the air. Pretty cool. Brand new. It is a very large plane with lots of leg room and a new business class. It was traveling on a big scale. A great way to start the trip. Went to San Francisco to Burbank on a paper plane, or so it seemed in comparison. Very small.

Have been seeing friends, family and meeting new people. Went to an Oscar party last night. I have often thought about having a song of mine or one I worked on- in a movie – and the song being up for an Oscar. Many people hold the award in their hand (s) and say – “I have always dreamed of this moment.” and so I dream on…

Off to Tucson for a few days then back to LA – celebrating this birthday in California.

Just found this fab video from Mylene Farmer, one of my favorite French artists, which I want to share:

Here’s some encouraging news. Our post on Facebook (we boosted it)  featuring the lyric video EQUAL has been getting a good amount of likes and we are seeing new names coming across our computer. Hello new friends…in Brazil and Spain and here and there!


“Did you sit at your window gazing at the world, wondering if you’d ever fit in?”

For all those demanding, seeking Equality…how can anyone expect less?