THE PASS, a musical

THE PASS, a musical starring Denise Marsa explores Artistic Survival, Empowerment, Equality, Tenacity, Self-Expression, through Songs and Vignettes. Its first NYC performance will be Tuesday, November 26 at Revelation Gallery in the West Village, where Denise calls home.

NYC PREMIERE $20 advance | $25 door $10 off for seniors Limited space — advance purchase recommended

Purchase Early and Save: Tickets for The Pass @ Revelation Gallery NYC Tuesday November 26 7:30 PM

The Revelation Gallery performance will not be a full production, it will be an intimate run through with Q&A to follow.

What Critics & People Are Saying:

“Denise Marsa is one of a kind. She’s a force of nature, a life-affirming singer, an overwhelmingly positive presence. Fueled by her passion, she walks on stage with total confidence. Completely at ease in the spotlight, she delivers The Pass, her own story put in music. Under the veil of glitter and naivety there are some beautifully deep gems to take home.” – A Younger Theatre, London

‘The Pass’ is one woman’s reflection of a life in the music business, told through her wonderful music with humour and wisdom. It makes a bloody good evening. Go see it!” – by Jessica Sully, Indie Journalist/Author

“Denise Marsa is not afraid to stand up and say ‘this is who I am’. This is not a simple process and can take a lifetime to achieve-to throw off the shackles of our personal and cultural history. Denise stands before us, in her one woman show, and achieves this. She does this through song and storytelling that is of the highest quality. Highly recommended.” – Peter Tate, Artistic Director, The Playground Theatre, London

“It’s all about, as the programme tells the audience, ‘songs and vignettes’, and as all the material is Marsa’s own, it all fits like a glove. A few still images are projected at the appropriate moments, saving the time and effort involved in laborious descriptions. The first half seemed, at least to me, to be skilled and tuneful enough but more than a tad reserved, though patience is rewarded after the interval as the best stories are saved for last. But whatever your level of familiarity with Marsa, her life and her career, it’s good to be reminded of the importance of keeping everything in perspective. A nuanced and fascinating show.” read full review by – Chris Omaweng 

Every ticket buyer receives a free MP3 of the newly recorded THE PASS Medley. Preview here

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Seeing the show in London recently, I was again struck by the depth of Denise Marsa’s talent. Denise is an excellent singer songwriter, with a catalogue of phenomenal songs worthy of any great artist. Denise has maintained extraordinary resolve throughout her career. During the show she revisits her past, sharing some of her adventures and miss-adventures along the way. The show is entertaining, touching, poignant – but most of all passionate. Accompanied excellently on the piano by Tracy Stark, Denise sings her heart out! A class act with an original and authentic voice. Definitely, a moving, musical night out. Personal favourite song: Underneath. – Julia de Peyer – Performance Coach

Excerpts from London premiere 2018, The Playground Theatre

“Denise Marsa is one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters. I first came across her over 20-years ago while living in West Hollywood, shortly before she released “Self”. Her music has stood the test of time well. Her album now resides on my MP3 player, and remains in regular rotation, being amongst the most frequently played. With the event of “The Pass”, I can now say she is also one of my favorite storytellers. Humorous and heartbreaking, the show reveals how she was physically, emotionally, and creatively choked — and how she overcame such suppression on all fronts, to live, love, create and sing in her own way and on her own terms. Like “Self” before it, “The Pass” is truly a trump. Bravo, Ms Marsa!” – Nicole Powers, Freelance Journalist, Suicide Girls


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