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by Helen Melville

“The Pass” A Theatrical Event written, produced, and performed by Denise Marsa

(New York, New York, Wednesday, December 16, 2020) – At 9 pm EST, on December 31st, 2020, Denise Marsa Productions in partnership with BMG Rights Management and the streaming platform, Musae, will present a performance of this autobiographical two Act play with a musical intermission, starring Denise Marsa and featuring Tracy Stark on piano and supporting vocals.

These vignettes of storytelling and music premiered in 2018 at the Playground Theater in London, England.  Stateside, they have had one live airing to great reviews at Revelation Gallery, New York City.  This show was pre-recorded at Revelation Gallery on a separate occasion.

Denise Marsa is possibly the most talented singer-songwriter you have never heard of. Her biggest hits featured her voice but not her name initially, “Lucky Stars” by Dean Friedman and “Helpless” by The Flirts.  Her versatile songwriting has been recognized throughout her career with multiple publishing deals with Warner Bros, Warner/Chappell, and most recently, BMG Music, however throughout her decades-long career, her brushes with success have never quite been converted to fame and fortune. 

Marsa sings her own compositions as she narrates her powerful tale of a life of struggle and accomplishments in the music industry.  This is a mesmerizing tour de force from Marsa who has the courage to be authentically raw and vulnerable as she delves deep into introspection and surfaces with a piece of work that uplifts and inspires.  Her sense of humor never allows her to drift into pathos, even when tackling difficult subjects such as sexuality and sexual harassment.  “The Pass” is a must-see tale about perseverance and the human spirit.  You will watch this and leave wondering, “Denise Marsa, why is she not a household name?”

For more information about Denise Marsa please visit: DeniseMarsaMusic.com and for tickets to watch the streaming event on 12.31.2020, please visit Tix.Musae.me/thepass. Tickets/donations: $5-$100, 15% of net ticket sales will be donated to The Actor’s Fund.

“Denise Marsa is one of a kind. She’s a force of nature, a life-affirming singer, an overwhelmingly positive presence. Fueled by her passion, she walks on stage with total confidence. Completely at ease in the spotlight, she delivers The Pass, her own story put in music.”
“The songs featured in the show are all Marsa’s, and they are more evocative than provocative. The evening proved educational as well as inspirational for this reviewer.”
“What was the spark to put together the vignettes and songs in The Pass that relate to your life as a singer and songwriter?”
Join Denise Marsa & Tracy Stark for a new year’s celebration of the human spirit, self-acceptance & artistic survival.


Streaming Event 12/31 @9 PM EST

Starrring Denise Marsa
Featuring Tracy Stark
Event ticket link to Musae streaming platform:
 Tickets for THE PASS–Available until 1/31/2021–Book now!
‘The Pass’ is one woman’s reflection of a life in the music business, told through her wonderful music with humour and wisdom. It makes a bloody good evening. Go see it!” – by Jessica Sully, Indie Journalist/Author
Denise’s newest studio project RAINBOW

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Denise Marsa Re-signs with BMG Rights Management

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DENISE MARSA is an award-winning singer, songwriter and producer. She has been working in the music business for over four decades.  Along with her music career she runs KeyMedia Public Relations, a boutique PR and marketing firm and KeyMedia Group, a music company and record label. Her production work both recorded and live fall under Denise Marsa Productions. Her newest solo music project is THE PASS, a musical play featuring stories and songs highlighting her career and life defining moments.


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