There’s a lot of buzz around Denise Marsa right now, and rightly so, but I think it’s just a sneak preview of what her career is going to look like so long as she keeps producing content on par with what we’re getting out of “FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)” right now.”  indieguruband

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photo: Simon Fuller

Thursday, May 11 * Produced by Greg Walsh


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The Cowgirl & The Alien Continue Their Adventure…


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Music Video: Animation Designer Karolina Tyszkowska

Single: Produced by Viktor Betker & Anna Paulin – Mixed by Janosch Roth, Lautstumm Studios, Lichtenstein, Germany

NEW MUSIC ALERT | Denise Marsa “FLOAT (Remix)” music video premiere

VENTS is proud to host the exclusive online world premiere of the Denise Marsa “FLOAT (Remix)” music video! Denise Marsa has mastered the art of atmospheric music that transcends the mainstream. read full feature

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“FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)” by Denise Marsa

Singer/songwriters like Denise Marsa, who can put a spin on just about anything and make it their own, have a special place in the modern pop conversation for sure. Marsa’s new single “FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)” flirts with a lot of eclectic influences for sure, but at its core, it feels like a country-folk crossover into alternative rock territory that we didn’t even know we needed to hear this summer. read full review

Aside from her work as an award-winning singer-songwriter and producer, Marsa owns and operates KeyMedia Group which is the umbrella company for its three divisions. KeyMedia Public Relations, a boutique PR & marketing firm in NYC that specializes in helping clients in arts & entertainment, KeyMedia Music Group, an indie record label, and Denise Marsa Productions, a production company that develops original content.