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Denise Marsa’s The Pass Musical Official Selection 2021 United Solo Festival November 18, 9PM

A Story about Songwriting and the Human Spirit

(New York, New York, Tuesday, October 12, 2021) – In September 2018 The Pass premiered in London at The Playground Theatre. Journalists who attended the two performances expressed their strong support for the piece. London Theatre 1 Chris Omaweng wrote, “A nuanced and fascinating show. It all fits like a glove.” Encouraged by the glowing reviews the author of the show, singer-songwriter Denise Marsa was invigorated and gained the momentum she needed to stay on track with the project. She explained “I set out to tell my story about an artist who never quite gets to where she wants to be, although she comes close. She applies focus, tenacity, and determination. Though her talent was continuously praised, she still never really hits it big. There are many shows about artists and bands that have reached the pinnacle of success, this is a story about not getting to the top. About doing what you love, no matter what the consequences, and staying relevant in a constantly changing industry. This show is more about me coming to terms with my long, winding, and often frustrating career path and exposing my vulnerability.” read full release

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Isolation and Fear Escalate in Denise Marsa’s New Single

(New York, New York, Thursday, August 5, 2021) – In her haunting new single, “All This Time Alone,” singer songwriter Denise Marsa addresses the psychological fallout of the unprecedented experience of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Here, claustrophobia seems to have turned into agoraphobia as we transition away from isolation and back into society. For far too long, we have been locked in our homes and rooms with plenty of time for introspection, fear, and self-doubt, making a return to social interaction somewhat complex.  read full release

Denise on her way to sign deal with Warner/Chappell 1989

About Denise Marsa: Originally born in Trenton, New Jersey, and growing up in Trenton and then later Tucson, Arizona when her family moved there, Denise Marsa is an award-winning singer and songwriter and has been writing, singing and producing her own music for over four decades.  She started performing in musical theater as a young girl and attended the University of Arizona as a Theater Arts Major and then The College of New Jersey studying English Literature. After college she moved to New York City and started getting attention from the music industry and fans alike. A self-taught keyboardist, she has been mixing genres (pop, rock, classical, theatrical and Americana) since first moving to NYC in the 70’s. At the start of her career, she performed in many NYC clubs including Max’s Kansas City Easter Festival with The Ramones, Blondie and Talking Heads.

In the spring of 2016 Denise formed a publishing alliance with BMG US and is currently signed to the new music company.  That same year, Denise started working on her one woman show THE PASS MUSICAL. Previously her songs have been published worldwide by Warner Brothers Music, UK and Warner/Chappell Music, LA, and she lived and worked in both London and Los Angeles as she developed her songwriting and sound. Her career notoriety started as the other lead voice on Dean Friedman’s UK’s #3 hit duet LUCKY STARS and THE FLIRTS (You Took My Love) the International Billboard Dance hit. She also worked on various film projects as a music supervisor and composer for several indie feature films and cable series including: (Can a Guy Say No, The Contract, The Ten Rules, ChromiumBlue.com).

At the start of the indie revolution in 1997, while living in Los Angeles and after years of trying to break into the mainstream music business, with various twists of fate playing their part, she started her own label, initially called Key Records. Later it became KeyMedia Group. Her debut solo album SELF was released in 1998 and was applauded by mainstream and indie media outlets.
She released LIVE FOREVER (2012) on her label KeyMedia Music Group, co -produced by Canadian guitarist, artist and producer Andy Gabrys. The album was recorded in Gabry’s studio who was then living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Kitchen Sink, also in Santa Fe, owned and operated by Jono Manson and Denise’s studio in Morristown, New Jersey, where she was residing at the time.  The track STEADY from LIVE FOREVER won the 2013 Best Adult Contemporary Recording at the New Mexico Music Awards. STEADY was written in 1995 while Denise was signed to Warner Bros Publishing London and living and working there.

Along with her career as a singer-songwriter and performer, she runs KeyMedia Public Relations, KeyMedia Music Group and, Denise Marsa Productions all under her holding company Marsa Media, Inc. In addition, for the past 15 years Denise has been mentoring new young talent and she has co-released a collection of indie artists through her record label. For more info please visit: https://keymedia-group.com/ .

RAINBOW EP Avaialble on KeyMedia Group

RAINBOW was recorded and released as ASRAM 450, recorded both in NYC and Germany with Denise’s frequent collaborator Janosch Roth. Read more

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