The Impact Never Dulls

I just listened to Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach on the David Letterman Show as they performed in 1997, one of my all time favorite Costello recordings, GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH.

I stumbled upon the recording maybe around 2006, on a Costello compilation. It is a song that always brings buckets of emotions to me, tears, physical changes in my spirit and soul, as it plays and it has done so for me- for many years. The impact never dulls.

Costello is one of my all time favorites, and his singing this, for me, compares to an aria in an Opera. Here’s one:
Anna Netrebko, La Traviata Addio del passato

Back to GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH, it is for me, one of the most heart-wrenching pop songs, ever.

What I found out today is that is was from the film Grace of My Heart and it was up for an Oscar.