With two new songs just completed since my return from London, my infatuation with songwriting continues. There is a way I feel before a song comes and then as it arrives and a way I feel when it is done and being heard.

Watching Paul Simon last night on Stephen Colbert and his admitting what may be for the first time to my ears, that he actually updated, changed lyrics in a few of his “older” released songs on his new release The Blue Light. He felt the songs did not get their deserved attention and and he changed what he thought might needed to be changed? Words. Interesting idea, songwriters going back years later and changing their songs. Recording them. Hindsight. “Understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.” What would you rewrite? What would I rewrite?

He performed one of them live with a very cool music project Why Music. Loved the presentation.  ‘Rene & Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War’

A Holiday Melody for All Faiths!


When I was living in L.A. with my partner and my dog, Caesar, for the first time in my life I had a Christmas tree. Growing up Jewish, Hanukkah was menorahs, dreidels and potato pancakes. I loved having a Christmas tree. It was nature in the house, in a big way, nature with lights–and when we turned all the lights in the house off and kept the tree lights on, there it was in all its glory. Being a collector of lamps this was the best lamp ever! On top was a beautiful picture of Ceasar, a sable sheltie–whose image I keep front and center now in NYC.  For many, the holidays remind us to appreciate and acknowledge all the wonderful things life has to offer. However, for some, the holidays represent a time of struggle if they are alone or fighting an illness. May they find strength.


Ceasar Augustus Hamilton, NYC 2007

From greeting cards to gifts to choral music to charitable giving, to remembering those who have passed, we celebrate the holidays in 2016 in good faith our world will be in a better place tomorrow.