THE PASS, A Story of Artistic Survival is a combination of song and story highlighting Denise Marsa’s entertainingly heartwarming take on career and relationships. It’s a show spanning decades, combining nostalgic appeal with contemporary relevance, as well as songs which will linger in your head for days.

Meet Denise the explorer, innovator, a woman drenched in tenacity; unwilling to play the game by anyone else’s rules but her own.

In defying the stereotypes of the often sexist, not to mention ruthless, music industry, Denise has proven that a true voice will triumph. She hopes to inspire the audience to always be true to their own voices and to have the courage to sing out loud. It all started with Denise sneaking into the New York University Department of Music and Music Education practice rooms.

Travel with Denise as she starts her career towards the end of the 70’s through the highly volatile and emotional 80’s continuing on through the start of the tech driven 90’s into the 21st century.  From her start in her West Village studio apartment dating from 1810, to London to West Hollywood and back again, Denise shares her stories.

Experience some of the key situations that have shaped her as an artist, woman and entrepreneur and hear the songs that have been created in the process. From pop star, to record label owner, artist manager and producer, lover and partner, to publicist and marketer, her life and music are expressed through laughter, joy, disappointment, passion and power.

Running time: 80 minutes: Act 1 (40 minutes) & Act 2 (40 minutes) with a 10 minute intermission.

Themes: Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Tenacity, Self-Acceptance, Self-Expression, Artistic Survival, Fulfillment, Relationships, Family, Over-Coming Set-Backs, Being True to Oneself

Venues: Theater, music venues, theater festivals, museums, community, regional, national performance programs, high schools, colleges, music and theater programs.

For more information about the THE PASS please email us at info(at)