The Pass

“This is a solo show with no arrogance. Marsa teaches us that ‘The Pass’ to success is actually believing in yourself and keeping positive, no matter what. Stay grateful and stay genuine, and the rest will follow”. – A Younger Theater, ANNA ZANETTI
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Themes: Artistic Survival, Empowerment, Equality, Not Giving Up, Self-Acceptance, Self-Expression, Tenacity

THE PASS is an honest and intimate look at the ups and downs of a musician working in the music business through four decades. Unwilling to compromise her ideals and vision of success, singer-songwriter Denise Marsa tells her story through 18 vignettes with her original music intertwined. Travel with Denise as she starts her career towards the end of the 70’s through the highly volatile and emotional 80’s continuing on through the start of the tech driven 90’s into the 21st century.  From her start in her West Village studio apartment dating from 1810, to London to West Hollywood and back again, Denise shares her stories. Meet Denise the explorer, innovator, a woman drenched in tenacity; unwilling to play the game by anyone else’s rules but her own. Running time: 90 minutes with a 10 minute intermission.

The Pass YouTube channel

“You were absolutely superb!” – Jessica Martin, London
“It was such a great show, I loved every minute of it! Denise’s story was very inspiring and heartwarming.” – Livia Papp, London
(5/5) “Authentic and inspiring. Thank you for your courage to share your powerful story.” – Plamena Todorova, London, Audience Club

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