Nice vs ridicule, mocking and violent video games.

Late night hosts making fun of politicians, and yes politicians doing the same. Sniping.

There is a very disturbing presence of not nice out there in the media world. It puts me off and it has become second nature. If it happened once in awhile, OK maybe it would have more impact, however the barrage of constant criticizing and tormenting through words through media outlets – when will enough be enough or will it just become more and more not nice. Let’s not underestimate nice.

And all these young men going into public places, including sacred spaces for worshipping, with guns and killing for the sake of it. How many of these young men watched these violent videos games over and over and over, as they were young boys. And they played these games alone. Their brains were saturated with close up combat and violence. Flashing lights, sounds, hypnotic.

How many of the men that have brutally carried out these acts, have actually served in the military?

And the films making millions, the sci-fi Captain Marvel, well now a woman is kicking butt, big time and there will be more and more.

It seems everyone is kicking somebody and we hear about it on a moment to moment basis. And there are some cruel criminal acts as well. In real life. Crime shows all over the TV networks. Advertisers paying lots to have 30 seconds in between scenes.

Why is there such a hunger, thirst, market for violence?

We Are Our Environment.

When’s the next shuttle to Mars?

And have a nice day.

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