America’s Dilemma

MogwaiHave we become a country breeding savages?

It is unfathomable to me, that any human being could gun down people inside a temple praying and celebrating life. That any human being could kill another human being is so unbelievable, to me.  What a useless way of living life…pulling the trigger, ending lives,  will forever define you.  And why destroy others, if your life is so worthless that you resort to murder for no reason? Because you dislike a group of people you slay them down. How do we stop the savages, yes a word that defines those carrying out these brutal acts, ruining lives, making our country unsafe.

Would love and understanding help these people? Or are they too far into their hate, to see the light?

And yes these are Americans and they vote.

Educate people on the truth. Jews and Jewish organizations help all people, they always have and thrive on acceptance.

Every person owning a gun, or license needs to take a test, like a driving test. Social adaption levels and physiological test. Do they have hobbies or things they do to release their discomfort? Plus simple multiple choice, true/false questions and then their answers gone over with them by a professional. So people are educated and do not live off of media exploitation and rhetoric of those seeking power. Screening, screening, screening.

When will we do something to change the violence in our country? And all guns of mass destruction should be off the market and confiscated. Freedom to carry arms, vs freedom to kill innocent people. There are laws in place to keep the savages at bay. We need new laws.

Luckily my work is in the arts. Creating music, performing–gives me an outlet. Also my PR work, gives me another outlet, to help others to fulfill their dreams and often times, make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Yes I am seeking and living peace, love and humanity.

What are you seeking and living?

My prayers to all the victims and those they leave behind, during America’s Dilemma.

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