time and circumstance: most likely to succeed

Recently I attended my latest high school reunion.

I was flattered to know many people knew about my music and they were all so supportive and pleased to know I am still at it, doing what I love.

People seemed to recognize me as…well, as me! “You haven’t changed!” said so many of my former classmates, and they seemed to heartily mean it. However we all have changed and it was amazing how I remembered the faces. That night, we all came together and forgot all the years that had passed since we were all teens and we just enjoyed being together. Being where we are now. It was more about now than it was about the past. We even had a list of questions, like “What did the girls from the student council and our class have a sit in about? What was their format, policy change? Answer: wearing slacks/pants to school.

What does time and circumstance change in a person? I find myself asking. I found out that night that I have the same essential core inside of me that had formed in my teens, maybe earlier. My life had been a continuation, a celebration, of some fundamental quality which had always formed the basis of who I am or even who I intend to be. Hardships, or simply the grind of daily life, may dim some glow within.

I’m proud to feel that throughout everything I’ve faced in life, I have emerged a survivor. This doesn’t just mean I’ve survived economically and physically, with my health and some financial stability. It means my heart, my mind, my creativity and my ability to feel inspired by the world are not just still intact, they are flourishing. To me this is now the true meaning of Most Likely to Succeed.

Here’s a song from Denise Marsa Productions.

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