DO IT MYSELF (DIM) The Music Business & Streaming Music

I went indie in 1997. After two hit records as a vocalist and two publishing deals that went south because both times my publisher left the company mid-contract, it was time to DIM. (Do It Myself)  It was a big learning process. And now indie artists are flourishing! They get themselves started and then a majorContinue reading “DO IT MYSELF (DIM) The Music Business & Streaming Music”

The Grammys 2017 Bring It Home!

After The Grammys I was inspired to bring this song out of the vault! I wrote it while in Los Angeles (my final year) and recorded it with my friend Eric Gorfain from The Section Quartet. It feels like songs with strong lyrics, melodies and hooks are back. and I’m in! I loved the GrammysContinue reading “The Grammys 2017 Bring It Home!”