What Do You Think of When You Think of LA? I think of driving…

When I think of LA, I think about my beautiful blue vintage car that I bought in Santa Monica. I love driving on country roads and in fact drove to Cold Spring this weekend. I got there from New York City via the Pacific Palisades, it’s my favorite road to drive on.  It’s not Rt 66 but it takes me where I need to go!

On Thursday I fly to LA.  In April of 2016 I signed an admin deal with BMG Gold Songs for my music catalog.  I’m about to embark on a 2 week journey to visit those who signed me, believe in me, friends, family and future listeners. Originally from New Jersey (easy!) I have lived for decades in New York City and have also lived for years in both London and LA. So in a way, I’m going back to my old stomping ground. Fun stuff!

I have always enjoyed moving around. The sensation of motion is even more appealing to me than the travel itself. I have several places to stay in various cities so that wherever I go I can relax in my own environment.  I don’t think of myself as unsettled or restless, I just need change.

It’s true the world is a global village–internet blogs makes it possible to see so many images from different parts of the world instantly and films allow us to enter into scenes that were once beyond our imaginations. I watched THE DRESSMAKER last night and the cinematography was wonderful. It takes place in rural Australia. I enjoyed the film.

Here’s my big want for 2017. My music in films. I love films old (TCM) and new, watching them is one of my favorite pastimes. I have been told my songs tell stories and are very vivid, perhaps all the films are seeping in. One of my goals while in LA is to make a few new contacts in the film industry. In addition I look forward to meeting other BMG writers, and to celebrating my March 3rd birthday–( oh sure my age is so crucial!) the first one I will spend in LA in may years.  I also want to enjoy the change of outlook that being in a new city brings. And I am also very tired of my 1810 home being a haven for mice this winter!!  “No more nice to mice!!”

The freshness of the ocean breeze is sure to refresh my mind. I am an adventurer after all and drawn to the allure of new experiences. However, I will definitely be returning to my home in New York and all I cherish here.