Pick a Lane

One of the things that always irritated, frustrated and even angered me, when I first began working in the music business, was how many times I heard from male industry professionals, pick a lane. I was told, you can’t mix so many genres as a performer, in pop music, you either do this or that. I liked mixing genres and I liked being uncategorized. Which when I first got started, was a big no-no. I was not going to pick a lane. I even wrote a song once, that was about a relationship called “Where Do I Fit In” and it had a double meaning, as many of my songs do. I was not going to pick a lane.

Now as I grow my label KeyMedia Group, I still find myself attracted and wanting to help all types of artists. Pop, nu-jazz, folk, classical and am wondering do I create KeyMedia Group Classical, KeyMedia Group Pop, KeyMedia Group Folk. Do I categorize the artists within the label or do I just do what I do, mix it all up. Will the classical industry people I am looking to collaborate with, want to do business with a woman who also supports and releases pop music? Will they snobbishly reject my artists no matter how amazing they are! Or will they embrace diversity within a record label!

Stay tuned…would luv to hear your thoughts…