Stop Creating Limitations


For whatever reason I’ve had this stigma about raising money online for my projects–like I’ve had some success: publishing deals, hit records. It makes me feel like I’m starting from scratch. Then I look and see all the amazing artists who are doing crowdfunding and I realize I have been limiting myself by judging myself.

So I’m shedding my old self and my colleague Maryanne and I are working on my first crowdfunding campaign. We’re researching, creating content and preparing to raise funds for my one-woman show THE PASS.  We applied for a grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and we’re waiting to hear, should know sometime in February. In conjunction with the grant, we are starting the crowdfunding part we spoke about in the application.

I am trying to come up with a fun concept for the video. There are many aspects to being creative–certainly it has its pain and challenges. However, I’m now looking at things from a different angle; my new mantra is “focus on the fun.”  After all, creating is my chosen path. No one is forcing me to write a new song or write a show; it’s coming from me naturally. For me to do anything else would be unnatural.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day; I hope we all reflected on his profound ability to make a difference in the world. My goal for the show is to entertain people and to bring them enjoyment. With my work in PR and with my mentoring I have made a difference in a handful of lives. Now I’m focusing on the fun.

Invest in the Best


Singer/songwriter  and keyboardist NICOLE BERKE 

Nicole Berke is a dynamic young artist with her own musical style that mixes soul, R&B, pop and jazz. I am very proud to share that I have been working with Nicole for over 8 years as her manager and one of her mentors.

As a lyricist she excels in tender yet raw edged reflections on contemporary life.  I am  including a sample track SET ME FREE from her album THIS BRIGHT BEFORE released on my label KEYMEDIA GROUP in 2013.

She is embarking on recording her next group of songs and this time with Plaid Dog Recording as her partner. Since moving back to her hometown of Boston from spending several years living, performing and working in Portland, she has been busy with her job as an associate director of a music school and writing new songs. She is also managing a so far very successful indiegogo campaign with 3 days left as of today and at 88% of her goal reached. I say right on!  Can you invest in the best? Let’s make her vision a reality! Here is her campaign link: 

Thanks in advance for your support!!