The Sounds Outside the City

kittyWhat I love most about being outside the city, either in rural areas or suburbia, is the sound of people working on their homes. The lawn being mowed, the leaves being blown, single hammers rhythmically aiming for that head of the nail, sprinklers buzzing and twirling, and a stray cat puss-n-boots with mittens and all, showing up at the door, speaking cat-language, and actually thinking you know what she is saying.  The sound of her munching on some left over salmon and you realize you have a friend for life. Your home is most often your largest personal financial investment in your life. Take care of it. I love being home.




The Grammys 2017 Bring It Home!

After The Grammys I was inspired to bring this song out of the vault! I wrote it while in Los Angeles (my final year) and recorded it with my friend Eric Gorfain from The Section Quartet. It feels like songs with strong lyrics, melodies and hooks are back. and I’m in!

I loved the Grammys this year! There were so many songs that had powerful meanings and substance especially compared to other years. I thought the Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood song THE FIGHTER was really strong, classic pop with a hint of the 80’s and loved the way they use her voice in the one section and he was answering.

I also loved the arrangement of George Michael’s FAST LOVE and the visuals behind Adele and she did her best, difficult song to sing live, especially that arrangement. Her humility was admirable and she is one of a kind. Adele kind of reminds me of the 50’s Peggy Lee. 

Music is and will always be a force to reckon with. I am excited to have venues like this- where I can features songs, including my own. I hope you enjoy BRING ME HOME.