It’s no surprise that the first festival I am performing in, (The Pass Musical) is titled United SOLO Festival. I have been using the word solo describing myself currently, as I am NOT in a committed relationship at this time and I have found it to be a very empowering time. If you have seen my show, you know I dedicate a vignette The Art of Being Alone, to the topic of relationships. In my opinoin, artists (creatives) tend to need more time alone. The creative process is very all encompassing, at least for me it is, and it can drain you and depending on the type of person you are with, that person can either hinder or help your relationship with your art. There is an ocean of difference.

In fact, most of us need a fair amount of alone time, some more than others. Especially these days.

The thing is, solo can also be less motivating. The struggle to find your way and to stay on course, while loving someone, may be a stimulant and something you get use to, or even dare I say it, need. And having all the time in the world, to do whatever you wish whenever you wish, may not be the bliss you imagined. Or is it?

2019 as it blows away


Watching TCM’s Remembers – a stunning piece yet again…makes me think of all the great artists we have lost, it seems like so many more are gone this year, that I remember in the past or maybe I know more of them now. Ah yes, that must be it. Time shovels on and we dig deep to understand all the days ahead as each day becomes the past and we remember. Great art.

Growing up as a teen, if there was a song in a movie that touched me or penetrated me, it always turned out to be from the composer Michel Legrand. Music always penetrated my soul, his for sure, and he is now gone. How lucky I am to have been alive during a time to have been touched by so many great artists. How lucky we are…to have the chance to remember…

With music Waiting by Alice Boman, bravo.