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West Village Original: Denise Marsa By Michael D. Minichiello, West View News
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St John’s in the Village was honoured to host Denise Marsa’s first New York City performance of her show THE PASS at Revelation Gallery on 26 November 2019. The audience and I were as delighted by her emotive, expressive, and powerful voice as by her rich professional and personal narratives, to which we all, in our different ways, could so readily relate. Denise’s performance was engagingly entertaining, seductively warm, and poignantly candid. Her songwriting is both musically and textually accomplished. Tracy Stark, piano, is an exemplary accompanist and sensitive backing vocalist and the ensemble between the two performers was well-rehearsed and delicately nuanced in performance. The show received a standing ovation from a musically and culturally discerning audience. – Fr Graeme Napier, Rector, St John’s in the Village

DENISE MARSA ROCKS THE HOUSE – On Tuesday night, Denise Marsa gave a performance in a small space that was all Broadway and Big Lights. Her storytelling mixed with music was unique, fresh, and full of life. Her songwriting and storytelling ability were matched by her incredible voice that ranged from pop to Gospel to R&B. This was a rare and brilliant performance that wowed the audience for two hours, taking us all on the musical roller coaster of Marsa’s life journey. Look out for Marsa’s one of a kind brand of story and music; you don’t want to miss this. – Stephen Preziosi

What a joyful evening!    The story of Denise’s life…in song.  Brilliant. She brought me through a full range of emotions, from joy, to sorrow, and then back again! That’s the gift of a true artist. – Mark Reiter

November 26, 2019 was an Invigorating, scintillating Evening to Remember, and I don’t mean just because it was my mother’s birthday in heaven.   Denise Marsa’s one woman show had panache, gumption, wisdom, maximum talent, and heartfelt personal touches.  Very ably accompanied by Tracy Stark on piano, Denise knocked the ball out the park and licked clean the entertainment plate.  I understand she has applied for a grant from NY  Women’s Theatre Fund, to be awarded next March.  Denise Marsa richly deserves it.  Go, Denise!” – John Early

Denise Marsa presented a dramatization of critical times in her life as a songwriter and performing artist. Every song was written by her with a beauty and deep meaning that developed from one song to the other describing the direction of her life as it was shaped and pulled. Her songs are beautiful and varied, the lyrics are strong, clear and lucid. She performs them with depth, deep feeling and impeccable skill and understanding. She knows intuitively how to bring the emotions right to the listener. The culmination of all the songs was so dramatic and touching that it left one hoping for the next to come. – ShiZ’ka & Edmund Arkus