Isolation and Fear Escalate in Denise Marsa’s New Single


(New York, New York Aug 5, 2021) – In her haunting new single, “All This Time Alone,” singer-songwriter Denise Marsa addresses the psychological fallout of the unprecedented experience of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Here, claustrophobia seems to have turned into agoraphobia as we transition away from isolation and back into society. For far too long, we have been locked in our homes and rooms with plenty of time for introspection, fear, and self-doubt, making a return to social interaction somewhat complex.  read full release

ASRAM 450 Releases Debut EP RAINBOW 11.11.2020

By: KeyMedia Public Relations NEW YORK – Nov. 6, 2020 – PRLog — Indie record label KeyMedia Group announces they are partnering with pop vocalist ASRAM 450 to release the 5 song EP RAINBOW. The EP features 5 versions of the song RAINBOW, including a pop mix, dance remix, acapella mix and two instrumental mixes. Written by BMG client, singer-songwriter Denise Marsa, the song was produced by German producer Janosch Roth who owns Lautstumm Studios in Sonnenbühl, Germany and Marsa. Tracks were recorded in both New York City and Germany. The EP was mastered by Burak Atas of Maven Mastering in Izmir, Turkey. read full release

18th Annual Live Lout Loud Young Trailblazers Gala

May 8, 2019: On Tuesday evening Live Out Loud hosted their 18th Annual Young Trailblazers Gala emceed by Judy Gold and Marquise Vilson at The Lighthouse, at the Chelsea Piers Special guest Tobe Baer, a singer/songwriter, closed out the evening with an inspiring song “Your Voice” by Denise Marsa.

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“Marsa is now based in LA and she has recently formed her own label. Allowing her the creative freedom she felt she didn’t have before. “Self” is her newest effort, and it displays a broad variety of moods and tempo; the cementing force of the album is Marsa’s deep, throaty voice and her soulful—almost gospel-like-phrasing.” – John Schoenberger-The Album Network 

Lesflicks live-streams ‘The Pass’ for Lesbian Visibility Week

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Lesflicks is proud to be releasing “The Pass”, a live theatrical event written and performed by Denise Marsa, in association with BMG Management Rights and Denise Marsa Productions. read full story

“The Pass” A Theatrical Event written, produced, and performed by Denise Marsa Makes Its Way to the UK 2021-04-02

April 2, 2021 | By Helen Melville, @KeymediaGroupPR. (New York, New York, Friday, April 2, 2021) – Starting on April 8th, 2021, Denise Marsa Productions, in partnership with BMG Rights Management and the streaming platform Lesflicks, will present Marsa’s Live On-Demand performance of her autobiographical musical play, THE PASS. This performance… read full story

KeyMedia Music Group And BMG Present The World Premiere Of THE PASS – BN by Stephi Wild Jul. 5, 2018  

In late 1978 American singer-songwriter, Dean Friedman reached #3 in the UK charts with Lucky Stars, a duet with a young and up-and-coming female singer. Denise Marsa had moved to New York a year before and was performing with her own band when Friedman heard her singing at a club in the city. He then wrote Lucky Stars with her in mind to sing, however, Friedman and his record label did not publicize her name on the single and consequently, she became known initially as “the sexy mystery voice”. THE PASS is Marsa’s story; from the beginning of her career in the mid-’70s, through the highly volatile, emotional ’80s, on to the tech-driven ’90s into the present day. From her start in her West Village studio apartment dating from 1810 to London to West Hollywood and back again, Marsa is the explorer, the innovator, and the woman drenched in tenacity – a woman unwilling to play the game by anyone else’s rules, a woman determined to do things her own way in an industry dominated by men. read full release

Livestreamed Performance of THE PASS to be Presented by Denise Marsa Productions
April 02, 2021

THE PASS, a musical starring singer-songwriter Denise Marsa explores Artistic Survival, Empowerment, Equality, Tenacity, Self-Expression, through Songs and Vignettes. Featuring Tracy STark on piano. Its first NYC performance will be Tuesday, November 26 at Revelation Gallery in the West Village, where Denise calls home.

The Pass: One-woman play exploring Denise Marsa’s story, the singer featured in Dean Friedman’s hit ‘Lucky Stars’, but who initially was not credited for her work on the single. full story

“Denise Marsa’s debut CD is SELF (Key Records), 11 original songs that explore a wide range of emotions and showcase her powerful vocals. Marsa mixes the story-telling intricacies of a folk singer with the production of a late 70’s rock band, creating a captivating sound that defies categorization.”- Feature Editor, Tucson Lifestyle  

“Denise Marsa’s Club R&R appearance was wonderful. Our staff is still talking about her powerful performance. We even had people from downstairs asking about her!  – Paul Colbert, Marketing-Radio & Records (R&R Magazine)  

“American singer, songwriter, producer Denise Marsa is no stranger to the public eye. Marsa moved to New York and began her musical career by forming her own band. Live Forever is Marsa’s second album that has a smooth mellow sound with a hint of country vibe. Marsa’s music is relatable and holds so much depth in each lyric. The first song on the album is “Time to Drive” the song is full of imagery and depth. This song leads the same tempo and beat for the rest of the album. Marsa’s has the ability to paint an image and story with each track …Marsa wrote each song and she pours her heart in the lyrics. Her talent and captivating voice shines through each track.”  Celebrity Cafe’

LIVE FOREVER by DENISE MARSA “This was my first experience listening to Denise Marsa on her second album LIVE FOREVER and I really enjoyed her mellow, smooth style. She has a beautiful strong, clear voice that really resonates with me.” – i.e., Mommy blog

 “An exquisite voice and a tremendous sense of songwriting make this acoustic/folk rock release a true gem. Denise Marsa’s debut release is one of the best 10 releases of the year… Period!”- Stavros Moschopoulos, FAOS, United Nations Magazine- Rome, Italy

“Rarely have we heard a singer as able to deliver a message in a song with such strength, humor, and conviction, all wrapped up in tight-as-a-glove harmonies. A thing of beauty, say we. Kudos all around for both the performance and the recording!” – Marty Peters, Recording Magazine “STIR IT UP!”

“Rootsy Americana with cheerfully strummed acoustics, sharp drum accents and Marsa’s rich, corn-fed alto. Think Mellancamp’s “Small Town.” – Kelly Bauman, (The Land Had a Dream)

“Denise Marsa has an extraordinarily powerful voice. No wonder she was selected by Dean Friedman and others as a key collaborator. From that appearance on “Lucky Stars”, Denise has not stood still. In fact, she has been singing, writing and producing her own material since she was a teenager. It’s well worth while visiting her own web site to catch up on her biog, tours and info on her debut album “Self”. She wrote all the songs on the album and that’s no small achievement when you listen to the complexity of melody and lyrics. The production, by contrast, is relatively straightforward. I understand her live performances are largely acoustic, matching well this production style. The power in Denise’s voice is used to good effect. In the love songs, the strength of the voice runs parallel with the strength of emotion being communicated – clever stuff indeed. Marvelous! Denise is due for some solo success…why not join the bandwagon – it’s rolling.” – Graham Vine, Hi

Jersey girl Denise Marsa was born in Trenton and currently lives in Manhattan. She got her first taste of fame (kind of!) when singer-songwriter Dean Friedman invited her to sing a duet with him on his second album which was called “Well, Well, Said The Rocking Chair.” The duet was “Lucky Stars,” which is probably best-described as a Broadwayesque musical animated discussion between a man and a woman. In late 1978 that duet hit #3 on the UK singles chart.  Jersey Girls Sing: read full article

“An exquisite voice and a tremendous sense of songwriting make this acoustic/folk rock release a true gem. Her debut release is one of the best 10 releases of the year… Period!”- Stavros Moschopoulos, FAOS, United Nations Magazine- Rome, Italy  

 “Isn’t it about time we heard from an artist interested in something besides the me thing?   Denise Marsa is an extremely talented vocalist and writer who uses her musical talents not to exploit but to simultaneously educate and entertain.”-N. McGuire, Hipfish, Portland, OR 

“I was driving at lunchtime and had the radio on. They played Dean Friedman`s “lucky stars” and the sound of your voice gave me a shiver and made my spine tingle – just as it did back in the 70`s. So, no matter what your other achievements may be, I just thought you should know the power of your wonderful talent and gift because, as a performer, it is always nice to be told! – June 14, 2011 Diarmid MacArthur, Erskine, a small town in the West of Scotland

 “I know when I’m listening to something that’s beyond good, because I get chills running up and down my spine. ‘SELF’ by Denise Marsa is one of those spine-tingling albums. Marsa is one of the most talented songwriters I’ve come across in a long time. Having collaborated on numerous projects previously, Marsa finally gets a chance to grab the spotlight. She delivers her songs with both passion and power and the mainly acoustic arrangements are full of melodies. ‘SELF’, however is not about gimmicks; it’s about great songs. Songs that make you wake up in a good mood, get you singing at the top of your voice in the shower and keep you humming to yourself all day.” – Nicole Powers, Rocklove

“Tired of all the same styles of pop and rock? Denise Marsa offers a break from the monotonous pop and rock with her vibrant melodies and powerful voice. Her clear and crisp vocals allow you to understand and feel every word she sings. A cross between Stevie Nicks and Carly Simon…The music that evokes emotion and stimulates the mind at the same time, Denise Marsa’s debut Album titled “Self” projects her emotions and feelings into the listener. An obvious prodigy of music shown by her self taught skills of the keyboard and her gift  for lyrics. Her poetic choice and combination of words will astound you. Denise Marsa’s “Self” CD is a sure addition to my car collection, making road trips and bumper to bumper traffic much more desirable. So the next time your on the road and see someone singing with music blaring from their car stereo, you can bet that they’re listening to Denise Marsa, because she is taking Los Angeles by storm.”- David Dachpian, The Theater Guy, LA