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By Penelope Green

Dec. 22, 2022, Updated 11:22 a.m. ET

In the Village, Another Piece of the City’s History Is Coming Down

Since 1976, Denise Marsa, a singer-songwriter, has lived in her tidy studio around the corner, in the building Ms. Martin once owned at 18 Christopher Street. (She can still remember the original rent: $174.24.). She tried to help Ms. Martin in her final years, urging her to make a will, but her landlord “lived in a fairy tale,” she said.

Today, Ms. Marsa, 68, is the last residential tenant in the building, her cheerful apartment, with its kitchen tucked into a closet, an object lesson in small-space living and the promise of studio life as a launching pad. She, too, has rendered her home in song, as Comden and Green once did, in a number featured in “The Pass,” her one-woman show about making it in the big city, which she performed at United Solo, a theater festival in Manhattan, in the fall of 2021. (The storefronts below her are full; John Derian, the purveyor of his own brand of charming decay, took over the spot occupied by Mr. McGhee four years ago.) read full article

MUSICEXISTENCE “FLOAT is thoroughly more engaging than some of the other crossover singles I’ve listened to this summer largely thanks to the physicality of its mastering, which allows for the instruments to have equal footing with an otherwise overpoweringly melodic vocal from Marsa herself. She’s quite a brilliant singer, and it’s only because of the stripped-down arrangement in this track that we’re really able to appreciate how deftly she can navigate even a complicated groove that would be a lot less forgiving to anyone else who had given this same song a shot. If this is par for the course, I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.” – Nera Mitchell

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