The songs are the real soul of the show, although tunes are at times reminiscent of Disney movies and the lyrics sound like simplified versions of Rent’s. The storytelling is simple, but effective. Songs simply flow out of Marsa’s life, as much as her life can be traced back and pinned down in songs – they are one and the same thing. One just feels sorry not to know the lyrics, as the temptation to sing along is quite strong. Her independence, confidence, and unconditional passion for music were intimidating and hard for her partners to handle, even though Marsa’s very aim in life was to share her love for music with other people. “How can you love me if you’re not loving me?”, she sings. Under the veil of glitter and naivety there are some beautifully deep gems to take home.” – A Younger Theatre

City Skies (THE PASS)

TWO: New York City singer, songwriter and producer Denise Marsa mixes pop, rock, folk, americana & theatrical in her writing & production style. Described as a story-teller, with a beautiful, powerful and expressive voice, she creates her own sound. Featuring tracks from her two solo releases Self & Live Forever.

TWO is now available on iTunes, cdbaby & bandcamp 24 tracks, double release featuring the tracks on Denise’s albums SELF & LIVE FOREVER

Steady featuring Burke, Millman & Denet (LIVE FOREVER)
Time to Drive (LIVE FOREVER)
In a Matter of Moments (SELF)
It’s No Ordinary Day (SELF)

Sample production & songwriting other artists

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