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Originally founded in Los Angeles by musician Denise Marsa in 1998 to release her debut album Self, the company is now based in New York City. KeyMedia Music Group is a music company with a focus on new artist development; devoting time and energy into discovering, nurturing, and launching new talent. KeyMedia Music Group also functions as an indie record label and publishing company. Our artists are eclectic and vary in genres. Its sister company KeyMedia Public Relations provides invaluable exposure to new artists seeking to make an impact in the music community and music industry. Looking for music to enhance, lift and complete your project? We know it is challenging to find that perfect piece of music to move your scene along or to capture the director’s vision of the scene. We can help. We handle all Master Sync Licenses in-house and in a timely fashion. Our music has been featured on TV, Internet, Cable series, Films, and Commercials worldwide. We take pride in the originality of our work and on our site you will find many masterfully produced tracks. We have some of the best indie music out there. Let’s collaborate! Email Nick our Licensing Manager: keymediamusicgroup(at) 


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