TWO is now available on iTunes, cdbaby & bandcamp 24 tracks, double release featuring the tracks on Denise’s albums SELF & LIVE FOREVER

TWO: New York City singer, songwriter and producer Denise Marsa mixes pop, rock, folk, americana & theatrical in her writing & production style. Described as a story-teller, with a beautiful, powerful and expressive voice, she creates her own sound. Featuring tracks from her two solo releases Self & Live Forever.

Steady featuring Burke, Millman & Denet (LIVE FOREVER)
Back to Arizona (LIVE FOREVER)
In a Matter of Moments (SELF)
It’s No Ordinary Day (SELF)
City Skies (THE PASS)

Sample of production work with other artists

Behind the Sun Cyndi Lauper & Angela McClusky
jetstar benny girl
Now Rachel Millman
Set Me Free Nicole Berke
This is Calm Chris Dallman
Throwing Down Trachtenberg