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Denise Marsa Productions & BTH Creations to Launch New Series

“Let’s Talk Teens with Dr. Kela” Where Teenage Girls of Color Have a Voice

(NEW YORK—Thursday, April 21, 2022) Dr. Kela is helping to transform the way the world looks at teenage girls of color and she’s doing that by changing the way they look at themselves. Her new series “Let’s Talk Teens with Dr. Kela” is an offshoot from her award-winning book “Nia & The Numbers Game, A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex.” The series will talk about and bring greater understanding to the serious issues facing a certain portion of the population of teenage girls of color in this country. This demographic has been typically overlooked, underserved, and underestimated. Dr. Kela wants to highlight the accomplishments of teenage girls and discuss their concerns and struggles in today’s fast-paced, often isolating world, especially since the pandemic, and help teens and parents to cope and conquer.

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