When Musicals Create Interest HAMILTON the Musical Gives New Jersey a Boost

The last piece of entertainment that brought the spotlight on to New Jersey was MTV’s JERSEY SHORE. Being a Jersey girl myself,  and from TRENTON MAKES THE WORLD TAKES territory, not sure that show helped to lift the artistic value of NJ. What is happening according to this article and a PBS show I recently watched,Continue reading “When Musicals Create Interest HAMILTON the Musical Gives New Jersey a Boost”

Wild Stallions Must Be Free

As America gets ready to celebrate the 4th of July, I am reflecting on my own independence. The rock n roll business can  take your individuality away, if one is not careful. I was always aware of this poignant fact.  I had to reach deep to remain true to myself while looking to forward myContinue reading “Wild Stallions Must Be Free”

Tony Awards 2016: Age Doesn’t Matter!

Finally! Age doesn’t prohibit women from being winners! ! My thoughts have been reflecting back to the Tony’s. What an amazing showcase of talent and possibilities! The fact that an actress 62 years young  Jayne Houdyshell won her first award for her work in The Humans, is a wow moment. Raised in Kansas she arrivedContinue reading “Tony Awards 2016: Age Doesn’t Matter!”