America’s Dilemma

MogwaiHave we become a country breeding savages?

It is unfathomable to me, that any human being could gun down people inside a temple praying and celebrating life. That any human being could kill another human being is so unbelievable, to me.  What a useless way of living life…pulling the trigger, ending lives,  will forever define you.  And why destroy others, if your life is so worthless that you resort to murder for no reason? Because you dislike a group of people you slay them down. How do we stop the savages, yes a word that defines those carrying out these brutal acts, ruining lives, making our country unsafe.

Would love and understanding help these people? Or are they too far into their hate, to see the light?

And yes these are Americans and they vote.

Educate people on the truth. Jews and Jewish organizations help all people, they always have and thrive on acceptance.

Every person owning a gun, or license needs to take a test, like a driving test. Social adaption levels and physiological test. Do they have hobbies or things they do to release their discomfort? Plus simple multiple choice, true/false questions and then their answers gone over with them by a professional. So people are educated and do not live off of media exploitation and rhetoric of those seeking power. Screening, screening, screening.

When will we do something to change the violence in our country? And all guns of mass destruction should be off the market and confiscated. Freedom to carry arms, vs freedom to kill innocent people. There are laws in place to keep the savages at bay. We need new laws.

Luckily my work is in the arts. Creating music, performing–gives me an outlet. Also my PR work, gives me another outlet, to help others to fulfill their dreams and often times, make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Yes I am seeking and living peace, love and humanity.

What are you seeking and living?

My prayers to all the victims and those they leave behind, during America’s Dilemma.

Traveling Days: New York to London to New York to Aventura to Atlanta and then home!

young girlSince September 20th I have been working, creating, socializing, helping family and exploring these three cities. It has been a packed 25 days and will write much more when I get home. London was a dream come true and the response to THE PASS has been so very positive, it is very rewarding. Here are links to reviews and to what people are saying.

My PR work is also soaring…we had a great book launch party in Atlanta, Georgia for Dr. Kela Henry,  NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, a project we have been working on for years and one very close to my heart. Helping teenage girls finding their way in these wild times! Click Here.

And my trip to Florida, in the middle of it all, was all about my 91 year old dad. He fell while I was in London…my heart is full.

A note I left my dad by his bed, as he lies in rehab struggling with more than his fractured tibia: “Dad I love you, you taught me to take chances.”

Daughter to Father…

more to follow…

Wow London Premiere The Pass

cropped-the_pass_instagram.jpgWords can barely describe how I feel having performed the first ever performance of The Pass on September 27, 218. There were friends in the audience I had not seen for years and I had my niece Stephanie Colorado Trachtenberg and my BMG publisher Kris Munoz by my side, and they were a huge support!  And having the incredible Tracy Stark as my comrade in arms…well it just doesn’t get any better! I was extremely emotional when I read the first from Chris Omaweng London Theatre 1 .

I also did a TV show (London Live TV)  and that was so cool! There was one young lady at a computer and cameras moving in and out on tracks, without people sitting behind them, as it was when I last did a TV interview or performance. Technology!

Yesterday I did some sight seeing (Buckingham Palace) and shopping (Covent Garden) – we had great fun!

Second performance tonight! Breathing…

Don Puluse

Don Puluse: As I am speaking with a few journalists about my career as we get ready to launch THE PASS in London next month, I was asked how I got started in the music business. I recall the day vividly.  I came in on train, from New Jersey, I sang and played inside Columbia Studios, it was an amazing space, while Don Puluse and Dean Friedman sat in the control booth, listening.  I sang two songs I had written,  one song on guitar and one on piano. Dean came out, put his arm around me, gave me some advice and Don became my first manager.

Having not spoken about him and now speaking about him, after so long, I realize what a big influence he was, not just with the music but also how one conducts themselves in the notorious, all to often cut throat music business filled with egos and lots of other fillings as well. Don was a shining of example of who to be and how to generously share your experience and talent as a collaborator. Music is ALL about collaborations. Thank you Don. I was no doubt too young, too in my own head, about my own success, to understand the long term value of our working together.

I remember what he described as the one thing you need to succeed long term in the music biz…and it wasn’t talent, which baffled me.

Give up?

A sense of humor.

Until today, I had no idea of his extensive credits, I do now. 

My 1st lighting designer relationship


I am pretty open to new “types” of relationships…this is certainly a new one for me!

Today marks the first & only NYC run through with our lighting designer#KenWills for #THEPASS Thrilled to have his vision on board and on stage!

The Playground Theatre David Burns PR here we go! Please LIKE our FB page

Beyond excited…

There are two sides to a live theater experience: THE PASS: THE AUDIENCE

Putting together THE PASS has been an eye opening and all encompassing experience for me. There are no short cuts, no splicing of tape with a razor, which is how I learned to edit in the studio before Protools. (photo Delia Derbyshire, see more here: delia_derbyshire_radiophonic_workshop_1965

There is the experience of creating the piece, pulling it together, after you have written it, with various collaborators, musicians, coaches, directors, producers, lighting designers, stage design, projections, sound design, the theater, the publicist, the journalists, and all… to reach its final destination: THE AUDIENCE. That’s the other side.

My working on THE PASS has been the most intense, & exciting,  gut wrenching, out of my comfort zone & scary experience in my professional music career. We open on 9/27 in London at The Playground Theatre. I am going back to where it all started. London. Sharing (truly) my stories along the way. Before and after…I first stepped foot on the land of cars driving on the other side of the street. When I fell in love with England.

There are always other sides, other stories, other ways of being, other songs and other days. These days…are these days and these are no ordinary days for me.

and today I discovered Delia Derbyshire.

See you in London!


8/16/18 Madonna 60… Aretha Gone

arethamadonna Aretha Franklin passed away on Madonna’s 60th birthday. Just realized this fact. A wow fact in my opinion. History. Culture. Pop Music, Soul Music, American History. Change.

Women singers, artists, performers, changing the world through music. Giants.

Just watched the movie trailer for the documentary Truth or Dare from Madonna. I never watched it, however it’s on my to watch list this weekend.

Time is a gentle blanket. For some.

Great Britain: The Sum of Our Parts

flag UKWith the up coming premiere of THE PASS in London at The Playground Theatre, and work at KMPR, my life is pretty full and time has become a bit precious. However today as I look back at my time in London and all the amazing people I have known and worked with over the years that are British, I realize the impact Britain has had on my life. Aside from it providing my first big success with  Lucky Stars, there have been so many talented and supportive people both while living in London and while living in West Hollywood and NYC that have helped me with my music career. They have also influenced me personally. They are  the sum of all my parts. You know who you are. Forever grateful.