No, he did not bounce back. And my love continues on. With my gratitude and my humility leading me to a place that has my steps navigating me towards a better understanding of what it means to really live. We all live until we no longer do. And this comfort — as we engage for a limited time — is meant to encourage us to be kind. And maybe even perhaps thoughtful.

Woman: Your Best You is Your Experience, Wear it!

Girls Friendship Togetherness Community Concept

Female actresses, singers, dancers, comedians and musicians often times try to hide their REAL age. I know, I did it for a loooong time. Our experience makes us more interesting, more layers, more stories…more everything! In the end, we have to embrace who we are, in order to eliminate ageism in the entertainment business. That’s it.

Pick a Lane

One of the things that always irritated, frustrated and even angered me, when I first began working in the music business, was how many times I heard from male industry professionals, pick a lane. I was told, you can’t mix so many genres as a performer, in pop music, you either do this or that. I liked mixing genres and I liked being uncategorized. Which when I first got started, was a big no-no. I was not going to pick a lane. I even wrote a song once, that was about a relationship called “Where Do I Fit In” and it had a double meaning, as many of my songs do. I was not going to pick a lane.

Now as I grow my label KeyMedia Group, I still find myself attracted and wanting to help all types of artists. Pop, nu-jazz, folk, classical and am wondering do I create KeyMedia Group Classical, KeyMedia Group Pop, KeyMedia Group Folk. Do I categorize the artists within the label or do I just do what I do, mix it all up. Will the classical industry people I am looking to collaborate with, want to do business with a woman who also supports and releases pop music? Will they snobbishly reject my artists no matter how amazing they are! Or will they embrace diversity within a record label!

Stay tuned…would luv to hear your thoughts…