Kudos to Singer/Songwriter Dean Friedman: The Sweet Recognition of A Fellow Artist

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As a young performer starting out, I was intrigued when Dean Friedman invited me to his apartment to hear a new song he had just written. He claimed he had composed this song with me in mind and that he wanted me to record it with him on his second album. He had seen me perform in NYC recently and was inspired. This song became the duet “Lucky Stars”, which is still one of the most infamous songs of the 70’s in the UK.

What has always impressed me with Dean is that no matter what it takes, he continues to play for his audience live. He has always had a sense of personal engagement with his fans. As he has matured he has nurtured his initial audience without the help of a record label or a music publisher. A brilliant marketer of his own work, Friedman has a keen sense of how to use social media to keep his loyal fans listening and to interest new ones.

Over the years Dean and I have remained in touch. “Lucky Stars” has kept us connected. For each of us the song represents many things. As “Lucky Stars” was my first recording, it symbolizes the epitome of success and longevity. I am always in awe of the recordings ability to impact the hearts of its listeners even today. My thanks to everyone who has reached out over the years and shared with me what this record has meant to them.

Wherever we have all been, wherever we are going, this duet will always remain a touchstone in our lives. I am assuming Dean will agree.




Dean, Denise and Lucky Stars

What's It All About?

It’s Saturday morning and I have loads to do today but first I just wanted to revisit the song Lucky Stars by Dean Friedman. Now this was a song that was very much a two-hander with Denise Marsa but for some reason she didn’t get credited on the record. Time to right that wrong – Lucky Stars by Dean Friedman and Denise Marsa (starts at 0:12).

This does seem to be the kind of song you either love or hate but for me I have always loved it and it turned out that my husband, whom I met 12 years after it was released, also loved it so another reason why we seem to have rubbed along quite nicely all these years. A great little party piece if you are up for the challenge of remembering the lyrics and not afraid to “perform” in front of friends and family!

This again…

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When Musicals Create Interest HAMILTON the Musical Gives New Jersey a Boost

The last piece of entertainment that brought the spotlight on to New Jersey was MTV’s JERSEY SHORE. Being a Jersey girl myself,  and from TRENTON MAKES THE WORLD TAKES territory, not sure that show helped to lift the artistic value of NJ.

What is happening according to this article and a PBS show I recently watched, the Broadway show HAMILTON is bringing back interest in my home state in a good way! http://www.njspotlight.com/stories/16/07/05/hot-ticket-alexander-hamilton-s-new-jersey-connections/ 

Now let’s see musicals about women in history! Though my own history does not extend as far back as the revolution, the Boston Tea Party or Washington crossing the Delaware, the history of my own personal journey in the music business may create some fireworks, laughs and maybe even a few tears. While you won’t hear the sounds of muskets being fired on stage, you will witness the revolution of the female artist in the music business. Me and my sisters!



Wild Stallions Must Be Free

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As America gets ready to celebrate the 4th of July, I am reflecting on my own independence. The rock n roll business can  take your individuality away, if one is not careful. I was always aware of this poignant fact.  I had to reach deep to remain true to myself while looking to forward my success and forge my own personal and musical identity.  As a young artist I was unable to keep my stride in the presence of all the struggle. In 1997 I became an independent artist and began recording my debut album SELF on my own terms and using my own money.  It was not until I decided to become totally independent that I began to understand the power of one’s own determination without conflict and turmoil from outside sources that are suppose to be on your side.

On this 4th of July I salute all independent thinkers. Some of us start there and some of us travel long and winding roads to get there. Now let me get started on my barbecue as this is the ideal time for me to devour one of my favorite holiday treats!

hot dog



In Praise of Heroines

Classic Literary Characters Living in the Modern World: Read Jane Eyre Gets Real, a Novel by Annabelle Troy, available on Amazon!

Heroines come in all ages, races, and body types. They remind us that being a woman is different than being a girl. In Jane Austen’s Persuasion, her last completed novel published posthumously in 1817, the protagonist Anne Elliot is no blushing maiden. She is well into what would at that time be considered middle age, when she becomes reacquainted with her original love, Captain Wentworth, a man she rejected years before because her family didn’t approve of him. Persuasion is both a biting satire, perhaps Austen’s most acidic, and a Cinderella story for the woman approaching autumn. Anne finally marries Wentworth, but not until she has undergone decades of character development and weathered the vagaries of fortune.

In the 1955 David Lean movie, Summertime, no less a formidable lady than Katherine Hepburn plays Jane, a secretary on a Venetian holiday. Having granted herself this vacation as a treat, she gets…

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Tony Awards 2016: Age Doesn’t Matter!

Finally! Age doesn’t prohibit women from being winners! ! My thoughts have been reflecting back to the Tony’s. What an amazing showcase of talent and possibilities! The fact that an actress 62 years young  Jayne Houdyshell won her first award for her work in The Humans, is a wow moment. Raised in Kansas she arrived in NYC in 1980. Before that she was traveling for 20 years in regional theater across the USA. She has paid her dues and it HAS paid off.  hs_JayneHoudyshellIt reminds us all that we CAN turn our dreams into reality. Congrats Jayne!



words & music by denise marsa
When I was young I thought I could do anything
Growing up, I tried to hold on to my innocence
Dazed and confused by the hateful words I heard
Can’t people see the miracle in our differences?

We must stand tall
We will not go away
They will embrace us
For we are equal
We are all equal

When you were young did people push you around?
Did you grow up thinking you had to defend yourself with a white picket fence?
Did you sit at your window gazing at the world?
Wondering if you would ever fit in

We must stand tall
We will not go away
They will embrace us
For we are equal
We are all equal

There comes a time in every life when what people say doesn’t matter
Look at what history teaches us…a change is gonna come

We must stand tall
We will not go away
You will embrace us
For we are equal
We are all equal

(c) 2012 marsa music /ascap


New Day, New Blog


Today I am proud to reveal the brand new Denise Marsa blog. For those of you I am meeting for the first time, you can check out my music here. Those who already know me, keep hummin’ LIVE FOREVER.

I am psyched to announce that I just recorded my new song ME at NYU Dolan Studios with Svjetlana Bukvich co-producing & arranging and with Paul Geluso engineering the sessions. ME will be featured in a new project I’m currently working on. It is my one-woman show THE PASS, highlighting my exciting life and times in the music & PR industries. I’m so lucky to have the legendary Gretchen Cryer as my coach and director. I’m going to be crowdfunding very soon for the project; sooooo if you would like to participate, please send your email  to https://denisemarsatheartist.wordpress.com/contact. we would love to have your support and include you in the first round of  contributors!

As a special treat for Pride Month June 2016 , hope you enjoy this performance of EQUAL, a song I wrote from my second release LIVE FOREVER, with the amazing Rhonda Denet and myself singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWIkqzGn1bU.


It’s a mellow song, a smooth reminder of how we can all fit in– perfect for cocktails during a summer’s evening. Or a make-out session!!

Stay strong…Denise