My Building in the News Today…New York Times

Here is part (my part) of the story from the #newyorktimes today. It is an important story. I have been sharing images and videos about this for the past month or so…over the years I have shared images from my windows. I have always felt so lucky to have my view. These days the deconstruction of 14 Gay is all too apparent, and unsavory, both visually and sonically. The sound of a saw cutting into brick, is not my favorite sound, in fact, quite horrible & relentless. I have seen and heard both sides and I know these buildings have been in disarray for years. I have done what I could to keep up my own building – luckily it is in the best shape of all of them. #CelesteMartin did her own renovation years ago, uncovering the brick and replacing the sheetrock inside. Her plans were to fix the others, but sadly, she never got around to it. And it too will be modernized and renovated soon. I will keep you posted.

I am glad to be a part of this story. It is my home and it is where, for the most part, I have written my songs, all these years. Where I began my career.

PIVOTAL is releasing next year, and it is a reflection of my times in my studio, prior to, during COVID, and afterward. I believe it is my best work yet. More to follow…

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  1. ihatethis123 says:

    Denise, A part of life, they tell me, is the power to move on. God only knows how many times I have had to “move on” and I have, as I have found, to my benefit. If you were to put all of your life’s images in a montage of photos, I’m sure you would see your growth , your life as only you could recognize. That montage is you and your wonderful life. Would you change anything? Of course not. This New piece you write about is probably the most meaningful piece because it’s truly personal. It transcends everything else, new songs, new loves, all that was and all that will be. So look at that Montage and smile, maybe even laugh out loud because you have been blessed with a life that is unique and good. My wish for you at this time is to Carry-On, Move On, as only you can. The World needs more Denise Marsa. Love, Doug Reichert

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    1. denise marsa says:

      Hey Doug, lovely thoughts, and I am looking and am smiling, and carrying on…thank you. xo


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