What parts about Love part 2

What leads to a new day?  If I hear you and you hear me.  The thought of seeing you next to me or on top of me as if I am watching the fiercely fiery rip tide of the ocean soothing over the warm and anxious sand and feet of all those that long to be cooled down in this lovely hot mess of a life we now live in –with all our extra gadgets and gizmos. step on me, jump on me, swipe my face with your hair. Yes, with your soft and billowy hair.  Spend time with me, check me out- check me in -check that I am being absolutely positively me — from all the years still who I am today, now and I like it.

We are so resourceful so meaningful in our abstract ways and our differences. Let’s sit in the dark and then you, light the candle in the corner, the tall white one yes with the tapered top and then slowly walk it over to me so that I may see two of you, in the darkness, the you and the shadow of you –oh how exciting to have two of you all at once in my gaze, in my vision and at my fingertips. Lucky say I, and happy too to be able to share all this, this one day with you.

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