Disillusioned: How new young artists can start off being ready to handle the illusion of it all…

I looked up disillusioned: “disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed.” And so many artists/ creatives get there, successful or not. They are disillusioned? Why?

As I continue to consult and mentor new artists, it is even more important to speak emphatically into the calm of knowing who you are. Doing at any time, what you can live with and what adds soul to your soul and heart to your heart. Wisdom is water to our bodies; we grow. Reality circles around the illusion. Eventually reality either supports our dreams or takes them down. Tackled by the force like a defensive lineman. Art needs the heart and soul of its creators. Or so it seems on this day.

Found this fascinating interview with Marilyn Monroe.

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