Don Puluse

Don Puluse: As I am speaking with a few journalists about my career as we get ready to launch THE PASS in London next month, I was asked how I got started in the music business. I recall the day vividly.  I came in on train, from New Jersey, I sang and played inside Columbia Studios, it was an amazing space, while Don Puluse and Dean Friedman sat in the control booth, listening.  I sang two songs I had written,  one song on guitar and one on piano. Dean came out, put his arm around me, gave me some advice and Don became my first manager.

Having not spoken about him and now speaking about him, after so long, I realize what a big influence he was, not just with the music but also how one conducts themselves in the notorious, all to often cut throat music business filled with egos and lots of other fillings as well. Don was a shining of example of who to be and how to generously share your experience and talent as a collaborator. Music is ALL about collaborations. Thank you Don. I was no doubt too young, too in my own head, about my own success, to understand the long term value of our working together.

I remember what he described as the one thing you need to succeed long term in the music biz…and it wasn’t talent, which baffled me.

Give up?

A sense of humor.

Until today, I had no idea of his extensive credits, I do now. 

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