“Fidelity to the Action”

Herbert & UtaTonight I sat in on an acting class at Herbert Berghof studios, not far from my home.  The instructor was Michael Beckett and it was very informative and I appreciated the tone and depth of Mr. Beckett’s style of teaching. I watched 3 duo’s of actors work on improvisational scenes. The comments afterwards were my focus and I related much of what Mr. Beckett said, to my own show, in connection to my words and my intentions. The title of this blog post comes from Mr. Beckett. I think they are great words.

I have not taken yet alone sat in on an acting class since I was a theater major at University of Arizona and it felt good. I want to hone my skills in both acting and singing as I start to present THE PASS.

An interesting part about tonight is the instructor mentioned to two actresses after their scene that he’d like them to do the first scene from MY SISTER EILEEN in next week’s class. The ironic thing is, in my last blog post I shared a bit about the video shoot (sizzle reel).  I actually mention the sisters and the book, as they lived around the corner from where I live. It was surreal when he said that, there are thousands of plays to pick from. Ironic? The universe is very telling, when you listen.

I think sitting in on an acting class  (Acting 1) is a great idea, even if you are not wanting to act professionally. It is a way to look at yourself and the psychology of every day life, as if you are someone else. After all, people go to the theater, or watch TV or their computers, so that they may watch others in action, living.

Worked with Gretchen Cryer yesterday, the first time in  months! It went so well and the vignettes are complete and we are ready to fine tune the piece. We have picked three tentative dates for the first salon run-through: July 27, Aug 3 or Aug 10. Will depend on the musical director and the pace of the fine tuning…

Hmmm…that’s all I can say other than it sure was a hot day in NYC!

Oh New York, New York! Here’s a song I worked on about The Big Apple, with Rachel Millman singing!

Herbert Berghof & Uta Hagan featured in photo.

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