Room for Me or The Pass & Workshops

Very odd I had posted a blog post a few days ago about my thinking about changing the name of  my one woman show and it seems to have disappeared.


So the gist of the post, what do you think of the title ROOM FOR ME vs THE PASS? What do either titles conjure up?

Why you may ask am I considering a title change? Especially when I have been calling the show as it develops THE PASS and even have artwork for it? Good question and happy to share why.

I had 2 friends over at my apartment in West Hollywood the night before I flew out to Florida and we had an impromptu workshop aka read-thru.  They gave me some great feedback, suggestions. One friend I met in London and the other I know from NYC; around the same time. We have been friends for many years however we have all 3 rarely hung out together. Both are in the arts and I respect their opinion’s. Somehow a song from my Camden Town days came into the head of my friend (the one from the UK) -she is an actress and voice over artist) and now lives in California, in fact she is my neighbor with a home up the block. My other friend from NYC was in town working on past production for a new film, LET IT FALL. We had a great time hanging out. It was a great trip as a while and I plan to go back more often now. They both discussed the idea of a new title and called me separately. I am now considering their thoughts. I am also going to hold a handful of workshops before I film the show. Much work ahead!

In Florida to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday. Pretty damn cool. Lot’s of celebrating.


  1. Alyson says:

    As a fan and purely from an observational point of view I like the new title better – I know The Pass must have made total sense to you when you first came up with it, but it could be misconstued/confusing as to what the show is all about. I know it’s not really in the same league but I did change the name and header pic on my blog recently and fellow bloggers have since told me they much prefer it. A bit of a hassle to change titles once committed but maybe will reap the rewards in the long run. Room For Me makes it more personal and all about you.


    1. denise marsa says:

      great insight, thank you Alyson.


  2. I know “The Pass” meant a lot to you in terms of symbolism. I can see “Room For Me” being more relatable to audiences, though. Will have to think about it…hope your dad is having a great birthday!


  3. Also just something to think about: Room for Me seems to be used a lot–it is a brand of beer, a housing organization, a book by IKEA, etc. Is maybe a third option for a title possible–a unique wording from one of your songs, maybe?


    1. denise marsa says:

      thanks for the valuable input my thinking cap is on…

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