Today I watched the snow falling…

moon-winter-solstice-1 winter solstice mandalas

Today I watched the snow falling outside my window in my NYC West Village studio.  I was engrossed by the huge whirling snowflakes, and the beauty of their motion. With white icing the nearby rooftops, the pink building in the courtyard in the background, the stark branches and the slate-grey sky, the world suddenly seemed a poem. The spareness of it made me think of changes I have been going through in my own life. Recently, I have also been paring down, re-assessing relationships both personal and professional, cleaning out my closet, even eating healthier and exercising more. I want to be in the good health and in great shape as I venture towards launching my one woman show.  I am savoring the many changes ad enjoying a less hectic and chaotic life, time seems to be moving by much slower. I like this. The pleasure of watching movies alone at night, or going to a movie with my brother David,  (LION-Loved it!) and going to friends live music performances. Relishing each bite that I eat,  choosing what to keep, what to discard, they are all adding to the value of my life. Simple, calm and productive.

We often accumulate so much in life that we think is essential only to find that when it is lost, or retired, we feel lighter, happier, more free. That is my experience this winter 2017. I am seeing the loss of things as a gain, a sweeping away of the non-essential not only to make room for new growth, but to appreciate the sheer structure which lies beneath my life–the purity of bones, the strength of steel. So a winter of the heart can be a season not of discontent but of sheer and total bliss.

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