A Holiday Melody for All Faiths!


When I was living in L.A. with my partner and my dog, Caesar, for the first time in my life I had a Christmas tree. Growing up Jewish, Hanukkah was menorahs, dreidels and potato pancakes. I loved having a Christmas tree. It was nature in the house, in a big way, nature with lights–and when we turned all the lights in the house off and kept the tree lights on, there it was in all its glory. Being a collector of lamps this was the best lamp ever! On top was a beautiful picture of Ceasar, a sable sheltie–whose image I keep front and center now in NYC.  For many, the holidays remind us to appreciate and acknowledge all the wonderful things life has to offer. However, for some, the holidays represent a time of struggle if they are alone or fighting an illness. May they find strength.


Ceasar Augustus Hamilton, NYC 2007

From greeting cards to gifts to choral music to charitable giving, to remembering those who have passed, we celebrate the holidays in 2016 in good faith our world will be in a better place tomorrow.

Published by denise marsa

Denise Marsa, originally born in Trenton, New Jersey, has been writing and producing music for decades. She is an award winning singer/singer and producer.

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