Who’s Afraid of Hillary Clinton? Part One


hilary Clinton  I often ask myself, why are so many people intimated by strong women. Throughout history, the strength of women has been intertwined with being nurturing, inspiring, creative, supportive–and highly intelligent. Hillary embodies these characteristics, as well as being a persistent fighter who has overcome many obstacles. She is living proof that a woman should aim high and never give up until she reaches her goal.

I identify with Hillary on many levels especially when it comes to her not giving up and being judged on merit and not on appearances. Hillary has said that exposure to the public eye has given her “a sense of being dehumanized as part of the experience”. From my experience performing I also know that it is all too easy to look at people behind a microphone, especially women, as objects.

As a young female artist in the 70’s when I first began to pursue my career I struggled with fighting off everyone else’s opinion of what and how I should sing and how I should dress and the image of myself as an artist. It was always about the music and about creating my own sound. I did not want to dress sexy or sell myself as a provocateur other then the sound of the music.

Also like Hillary, I cannot stay out of the arena!


  1. Assuming power is always hard for women–we are so qualified but we have to navigate around so many social obstacles. A fascinating book, called The Weaker Vessel by Antonia Fraser, talks about powerful women in the 17th century and all the struggles they faced especially image-wise. The situations are still relevant today. I highly recommend it! Good luck to you and Hillary. Cheers, Annabelle

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    1. Annabelle, thank you for your feedback and the mention of the book! We look at the past in order to understand, navigate and change the future.

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      1. Great observation! It is why I have always loved history; it really is a living, relevant thing.

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