Hey! Ho! Let’s Go Ramones and the Birth of Punk Queens Museum & Denise Marsa Band

We came in from New Jersey to fill a spot, a band dropped out last minute.  My second gig in NYC. My band from Princeton, New Jersey & I drove in, stepped on stage and played our set at the famed Max’s Kansas City. There were big bands like BLONDIE, TALKING HEADS & the RAMONES on the bill.

I have the poster. It’s different than the one here.

The other day friends said they saw my name on a poster hanging in the exhibit at Queens Museum. Very cool. They even took a few photos.

We step into things sometimes not knowing what we are getting into. In this case, it was a good step.

ps  added 8/17/16:  I went to the Queens Museum the day before the exhibit closed and it was pretty cool to see the poster and feel the impact of the era and music. I loved The Clash Car Jamming and just listened again and had to share.



Published by denise marsa

Denise Marsa, originally born in Trenton, New Jersey, has been writing and producing music for decades. She is an award winning singer/singer and producer.

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