Kudos to Singer/Songwriter Dean Friedman: The Sweet Recognition of A Fellow Artist

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As a young performer starting out, I was intrigued when Dean Friedman invited me to his apartment to hear a new song he had just written. He claimed he had composed this song with me in mind and that he wanted me to record it with him on his second album. He had seen me perform in NYC recently and was inspired. This song became the duet “Lucky Stars”, which is still one of the most infamous songs of the 70’s in the UK.

What has always impressed me with Dean is that no matter what it takes, he continues to play for his audience live. He has always had a sense of personal engagement with his fans. As he has matured he has nurtured his initial audience without the help of a record label or a music publisher. A brilliant marketer of his own work, Friedman has a keen sense of how to use social media to keep his loyal fans listening and to interest new ones.

Over the years Dean and I have remained in touch. “Lucky Stars” has kept us connected. For each of us the song represents many things. As “Lucky Stars” was my first recording, it symbolizes the epitome of success and longevity. I am always in awe of the recordings ability to impact the hearts of its listeners even today. My thanks to everyone who has reached out over the years and shared with me what this record has meant to them.

Wherever we have all been, wherever we are going, this duet will always remain a touchstone in our lives. I am assuming Dean will agree.





  1. franklparker says:

    Hi Marsa. I certainly remember that song! One of my favorites back then. I’m flattered to have you follow my author site. I hope you get a tiny bit of the pleasure I got from your song with Dean when I was still quite a young man!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. denise marsa says:

      Always great to hear how much enjoyment “Lucky Stars” gave to people. Thank you for letting me know you still remember…I will be following your blog with pleasure. Denise


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