Dean, Denise and Lucky Stars

What's It All About?

It’s Saturday morning and I have loads to do today but first I just wanted to revisit the song Lucky Stars by Dean Friedman. Now this was a song that was very much a two-hander with Denise Marsa but for some reason she didn’t get credited on the record. Time to right that wrong – Lucky Stars by Dean Friedman and Denise Marsa (starts at 0:12).

This does seem to be the kind of song you either love or hate but for me I have always loved it and it turned out that my husband, whom I met 12 years after it was released, also loved it so another reason why we seem to have rubbed along quite nicely all these years. A great little party piece if you are up for the challenge of remembering the lyrics and not afraid to “perform” in front of friends and family!

This again…

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  1. Hi Denise – What a lovely surprise to discover you’d found the piece I wrote about Lucky Stars – One of my favourite songs ever (and often attempted by myself and my husband but a pale imitation I’m afraid). I will now be able to find out what you are up by following your blog. Where has the time gone since those heady days of the late ’70s but I think you look even lovelier now! Glad you are still in the business – look forward to listening to your music.


    1. Lovely to hear from you June and thank you for all your support! My best, Denise

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